We build IT solutions to take your
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Who are we and
how do we operate?

LevelITe is an IT integrator created by professionals whose goal is to provide solutions that help you focus on your business challenges. We love technology, but we know that for you it should only be a tool. Effective, reliable and economy-friendly, but still – a tool.

We believe that together we can create systems that improve your efficiency, safety and operational flexibility while maintaining simplicity and sensible cost approach.

Why us?

Because we are people and we work with people. In partnership, in the „trusted advisor” manner. We want to establish a long-term relationship with you and focus on achieving your goals using technology as one of the tools.

Because we can translate technical language into human language, and our experience combined with agility and flexibility allow us to create a solution that meets your specific needs.
And finally: our motto is „vendor agnostic”. This means we listen to you and understand your goals at first. Only then we select appropriate products based on the portfolio of the best vendors both in Poland and the world.

Our goal is the success of yours, not the vendor’s. We can afford this because both you and us play on the same team and together we have the entire market of solutions at our disposal.

Our story

Our journey to the IT world began with a fascination with technology and its potential to change the way the business is done. Over the years, along with the experience gained while implementing IT projects in organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity, our passion has turned into expert knowledge.

We combine flexibility with experience – The company is young and devoid of corporate numbness (we do argue or fight with you based solely on the provisions of contract , we focus on solutions, not problems) and the people who create it have 15+ years of experience in building IT solutions.

We support various organizations – from start-ups to large enterprises and public institutions. Our success came because of the trust of our clients, and their successes are our most important achievements.

How can we
help you?

We support the technology stack beginning from datacenter equipment, through servers and storage arrays, virtualization, containerization, clusters and cybersecurity, to database engines and process automation platforms. We complement everything with a set of services subject to SLA, branded as EliteCare contracts. Our competences are based on the following four pillars.


We build and adapt rooms dedicated to datacenter purposes. We ensure that you are equipped with in-row air conditioning and environmental control systems, guaranteed power supply (UPS, power generators), fire protection systems, access control and CCTV. We reduce electricity costs in the server room by using both immersion and direct liquid cooling and renewable energy.

Data processing

We design, implement and maintain scalable solutions responsible for data processing. We adapt our offers to the specificity of the enterprise using an appropriate layer of both hardware (RISC servers such as IBM Power and Oracle SPARC, or open x86 systems) and software (HA and HPC clusters, virtualization of computing, storage and networks, HCI systems, containerization systems, databases). We also design and implement IT process automation platforms, creating entire environments that meet the requirements for private and hybrid clouds, including the observability, chargeback and showback layers.

Data storage

Data is the essence of the functioning of every organization. That’s why we pay special attention to it, and all the systems we design are focused on performance and data availability.

We select and implement storage array systems with a high level of reliability and speed; we connect them with servers via SAN and LAN, take care of redundancy by replicating data between datacenters, and implement and maintain the best possible and best-tailored central backup solutions.

We do not stop at technology – we build Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans, perform cyclical recovery tests and support in creating processes that meet the compliance requirements.


At LevelITe, we know that processing and sharing data is associated with a constant risk of cyber attack. This is why we support our clients in building cybersecurity solutions. We have competences and implement solutions in the areas of:

  • incident and event detection (Detection & Response systems such as EDR, NDR and XDR and systems analyzing logs and network traffic such as SIEM)
  • handling and management of incidents and security policy (SOAR, GRC, IRM)
  • privileged identity management (PAM)


Additionally, as a cherry on top, we propose solutions that are not obvious, but perfectly fit into the realities of today’s agile DevSecOps world:

  • application security testing (AST) in the shift-left approach – security scans taken at the source code development stage, including analysis of external libraries and the entire supply chain in the software development process
  •  security of containerization systems such as k8s, OpenShift and Rancher with full integration at the container level and analysis of threats observed in both north-south and east-west traffic.

Expert Services and EliteCare

Competencies and experience allow us to build turnkey solutions within our competence pillars – from the design, through implementation, to maintenance that is a subject to SLA quality rules. We have formed our services into a simple, dedicated EliteCare contract, which we tailor to your individual needs so that you can calmly devote yourself to your daily business tasks while we watch over you.

EliteCare is a term contract in the opex model and has the following modules:
As an addition to classic EliteCare services, we offer expert services focused on tasks among the fields of:

We are ready to listen to your needs and develop a solution that will meet your goals. Let us know how you would check us out.

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